About Us

Dr. Eric H. Boehm

BG - Eric_ by Keith SkeltonIn the 1950s, Eric H. Boehm founded Historical Abstracts in Vienna, Austria, jointly with the history department of the University of Vienna. His wife, Inge Pauli Boehm, was the managing editor while he worked for the U.S. government during the week and on Historical Abstracts in his spare time.

In 1960, the Boehms moved to Santa Barbara, California, where they built ABC-CLIO, a successful publishing enterprise that employs 140 people. ABC-CLIO has an international reputation in the field of databases and books in history. Today the Boehms’ son Ron is Chairman of the Board. Eric and a group of fellow humanists also founded the International Academy at Santa Barbara as a non-profit organization devoted to the dissemination of knowledge.

In 2004, Eric founded BoehmGroup in honor of his late wife to preserve individual and family biographies and the histories of organizations. His focus, as always, is on illuminating the educational aspects of history.

Eric’s collection of biographies, We Survived, was chosen by the New York Herald Tribune as one of the Outstanding Books of 1949. Originally published when he was a graduate student at Yale by Yale University Press, the book was last reissued by Westview Press in a fourth edition (2003).

Jeff Boehm

257Jeff received a B.S. in Management Science and a B.A. in Sociology from UC San Diego in 2007.  After graduating he decided to move back to his hometown of Santa Barbara to continue his family’s legacy (50 years of successful publishing experience) and construct grandfather Eric Boehm’s most recent vision:  to build a successful company focusing on quality story-telling.  Now the Chief Operating Officer, he oversees all aspects of the business and carries a strong passion for story-sharing.

His interests include giving back (i.e. social work in education), traveling, meditation, yoga, running, and sports (basketball, volleyball, tennis).  In 2009, Jeff traveled to vocational training centers in Bangalore and Somaiya University (the second largest university in Mumbai, India). The purpose of the visits was to present the importance of implementing blended education software in vocational training centers in order to increase student productivity, program visibility and sustainability – something Jeff still keeps interest in today.

Jeff believes everyone has a story to tell and encourages people around him to document their experiences, as well as those of family and friends.  Illustrating his enthusiasm, he wrote a 100-page autobiography at the age of 13, 50 pages discussing his personal memories and 50 pages dedicated to the memories of his relatives.