Packages & Pricing

Santa Barbara Community Builders annually features approximately 40 businesses (i.e. our inaugural edition featured Deckers Outdoor Corporation, Citrix-Online, Sansum Clinic, SB Bowl, SB Search and Rescue, and many more) and their connection to our coastal community. Moreover, their meaningful stories are written by a best-selling author and are showcased through a distribution of 10,000+ full-color books.

SB Community Builders’ participants have the choice of a two or four-page article. 

We provide the following:

  • 10,000+ full-color 6″x9″ books distributed from Carpinteria to Goleta (free of charge to the public). No hard advertisements, just meaningful stories of active business leaders and interconnections within our community – Value of $1,200-$1,600
  • A best-selling author to interview and write your organization’s compelling chapter (for your review/approval) – Value of $750-$1000
  • An award-winning graphic designer to design you chapter – Value of $350-$550

Participants also receive:

  • 100 books (quantity varies from business to business) and a countertop display case to showcase them – Value of $1,500
  • An interactive online magazine, including a link directly to your chapter in the book (viewable on all tablets, smartphones, and computers) – Value of $500
  • A photo shoot at your place of business (if requested) – Value of $250
  • Rights to republish your story and images – Value of $100-$200
  • A ten percent referral discount


SB Community Builders participants have the choice of a two or four-page package.

  • The two-page package price is $1,650 (value of $4,650)
  • The four-page package price is $2,900 (value of $5,600)

The two-page chapters are approximately 300 words with two to three images and the four-page chapters are approximately 900 words with four to six images. Nonprofits receive a twenty percent discount. Deferred payment plans are available. All services and fees included!




Please click here to see what are clients are saying about our inaugural edition. 

Free Online Magazine:

Please click here to be directed to our online magazine, which averaged 70 views per day over a 6 month period!


10,000+ copies are distributed throughout Carpinteria, Carpinteria, and Goleta:

  • 4,000 copies are delivered to participants
  • 3,000 copies are distributed to local businesses
  • 1,000 copies are presented to local social and professional networking groups
  • And 2,000 copies are delivered door-to-door
A limited number of organizations are included per industry. Please contact us for availability.